Etiologies of Adhd and Substance Abuse Essay

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Etiologies of ADHD and Substance Use Disorders

Etiologies of ADHD and Substance Use Disorders Approximately half of all individuals with mental disorders also have substance abuse issues (Dual Diagnosis, 2007). Likewise, it is estimated that up to 45% of adults with ADHD have a lifetime diagnosis of alcohol abuse or dependence (Wilens, 2006). Consequently, individuals with addictions who are also diagnosed with ADHD, characteristically have a extra severe course of addiction and greater difficulties in recovery. It is difficult to predict with any certainty which drinker or recreational drug user will develop serious substance abuse issues. It is also unfeasible to predict whose problems are situational and short-lived and
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Barkley & Murphy (2003) argue that disinhibition is the fundamental deficit in ADHD and accounts for most ADHD-related impairments which would include substance use disorders. In their longitudinal study, Molina and Pelham (2003) established that childhood ADHD, variability in underlying dimensions, and persistence of the disorder as risk factors for early substance use and the materialization of SUD in adolescence. Relative to other populations established as risk groups for early drinking and drug use, the risk associated with ADHD is comparable (Molina & Pelham, 2003). The exact mechanisms mediating the expression of substance abuse disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder remains to be uncovered and are undoubtedly complex. One relatively simple and logical suggestion however is that substance abuse is a form of self-medication (Wilens, 2006). Individuals with substance abuse disorders often report relief of such symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and aggression. It is therefore logical that the individual with ADHD would self-medicate for the same reasons as well as dealing with other symptoms created by the diagnoses of ADHD. Some young adults with both ADHD and SUD have described a calming of internal restlessness (possibly the expiration of hyperactive symptoms) with marijuana and other substances. Another suggestion as well could be that individuals with ADHD use substances to ease the pain that is felt from the

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