Evaluating The Performance Of A Student Essay

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As educators, we design and implement engaging lessons that include clear learning objectives for our students. It is important to us that we know our kids are understanding or mastering the lesson we are teaching. Teachers are responsible for creating and designing effective assessments to see what students learned. Assessments can come in a variety of tasks, and it is important that teachers demonstrate this by using different methods of assessment. As an educator, it is important that I address the six aspects of the assessment process that are goals, role, audience, situation, product or performance, and standards. There are three types of assessments that teachers implement when designing assessments, and they are diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments. Another valuable tool that educators use to evaluate the performance of a student is a rubric. As an effective teacher, I understand how important continuous learning is for our students, and that assessments are necessary before, during, and after the unit, along with a rubric that will provide criteria for evaluating student performance. Regardless of the class or program, all teachers use assessments. It is our way of measuring what our students are learning. When I begin to design an assessment, I look at the power standards that are necessary for my kids to know. Power standards are a small subset of standards that meet specific criteria that have endurance and leverage (Laureate Education, 2010). In…

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