Freudian Theory And The Ego Personality Essay

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According to Freudian theory, Myra is governed by the reality principle, which is part of the ego. The ego is the rational part of the personality that helps reduce tension caused by the id, and it is responsive to the demands of the id. The ego personality, which is part conscious and unconscious, allows the individual to make decisions on three levels. Myra exaggerates on cleaning her house, tidying her yard and garden, and ensuring that everything is in order. This excessive cleaning behaviors is governed by her ego that is consciously motivating her to choose neatness and tidiness, and being proud in herself in how clean her house is could be part of her conscious ego, which is part of her identity that she is a neat person. At the same time, her excessive cleanliness and orderliness may be governed by her unconscious due to her childhood experiences, where she was punished is she did not clean something thoroughly. In order to prevent from getting physical punishment, she and her brother would clean the house thoroughly to gain affection and security from her parents. In the sense, she has been governed by the superego that was enforced by her parents when she was a child. She could be unconsciously expecting to be punished if her house is not clean enough, since she was used to that when she was growing up.
2. According to Jung, our collective unconscious is the deepest and distant part of human existence. He believed that people accumulates and files all of our…

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