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Fundraising, Sponsorship & Marketing

The Sponsorship Proposal
London Youth Athletics Awards and Gala and Eventual Championships.

A non-existing event but a concept The 2011 Sports Gala will showcase exciting and innovative youngsters who have excelled in their sporting field.
The Gala is aimed at getting people interested and invigorated by athletics and celebrating our sporting achievements within the field.
We are led by a clear and driving vision – to improve both the quantity and quality of local sorts clubs and to inspire and engage all young people in sporting activity – whether it’s leading, coaching, learning, competing, playing or volunteering. We want to see every young person enjoying, excelling and living
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Promoting the gala in a positive, creative and cultured light I feel will be of interest to the London and youth sports. We would be trying to attract an audience to a ceremony but make sure the local community is fully aware that this should be thought of in an optimistic way. An event that will encourage people to look at London as a sporting hub as well as local boroughs. In doing so it will truly showcase rising talent. The award ceremony would be included in the promotion of local events on the youth sports trust website as well as the lottery big funding site. It will also allow others to contribute and sponsor the event via links throughout the website and in local sporting pages as well as sports clubs. This is a site that is accessed by local businesses, potential investors and of course the local community. All the necessary advertising and co-promotes will be done through radio adverts and local papers. We could also get our celebrity endorsers to promote through word of moth via the media once we have booked them as part of there clause. Posters will also be put up in relevant venues in and around London as well as Wemblely stadium itself on the run up to the event. We could also reach the local community by taking advantage of local sports college notice boards and that are highly populated by students our

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