generalist intervention model for the inability to focus Essay example

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This case is pertains to a 43 year old female named Elizabeth Slone; the client is having problems with maintaining structured thought processes. She believes that her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder are battling in her mind, so using the Generalist Intervention Model Elizabeth and I will manage everything from engagement to the follow-up, a structured technique of planned changes for addressing her tribulations. I am hoping to help her put together a plan, in turn put together a plan of action that can help label things and sort them out.

The client entered my office this morning and proceeded to sit down in a chair in which I have place beside my desk, this is so that I may turn and have face
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This is one of the things that put a great deal of weight and pressure on both of them. After a major illness Elizabeth had to change her work profession because of bad health issues and she went back to school, so now being a full time student and does some volunteering that in turn all this takes a vast amount of her time and energy.
My client Elizabeth Slone has turned to me with the hopes that together we can address each and every individual dilemma. She wishes to gain some type of control or some kind of order with her mind. She states that these two things are causing her much anguish and she does not like that unsettled feeling. She has conveyed to me that all these thoughts are devastating! These predicaments are causing a lot of turmoil for her and husband. Elizabeth wants to find some solution in making things easier for her. To try and give her some comfort, she is aware that these emotions and what is happening is not healthy for her or her marriage not to mention the relationship with the children. Mother and Father divorced while she was in her youth.

I have asked her about the approximate time when this starting affecting or overtaking her life? Elizabeth has informed me that after having a blood clot in her lung in August of 2004 and once she came home things began to get to her, such as; everything being out of place or unsystematic. She was also the only one keeping things structured in

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