Goals And Intermediate Objectives For Students Essay

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When we think why some students succeed and others do not, there might be few things for that. Students who do not have setting goals and intermediate objectives to get there is not succed. Students who do not succeed are not coming to class, not paying attention to the lecture content and doing other activities, coming late and leaving early, talking and not paying attention in the class, not taking notes, not clarify lecture points and distracting others, missing exams, not reading or prereading to understand the materials. They are saying that they want to learn the minimum required to get a degree. Low achiever students mostly absent in the class. They don’t pay attention on the attendance. Students who fails or do not succeed will not do as well as they could have done because of their lots of absence in school. Moreover; if they come to the class, they plays games on their phones or chatting on the cell phones. Another problem I see that the most students study hard and do well in the first exam, but then being over confident and don’t do well in the other exams. Students who succeed in school, manage time carefully and do hardwork and study. Performing well and achieving high grades is like an addicting drug. Once you are rewarded with A’s for your…

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