Graduation Speech : A Student At Csun Essay

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As of today I continue to be an EOP freshman who is the first from my family to attend college and the first to be on the right path of obtaining a bachelor’s degree. To be honest, I am proud to be an EOP student at CSUN not because they give me a small amount of money but because I like the idea of knowing that I am representing the impossible. As you know, people like me are not meant to go to college or even finish high school. Those basic assumptions are made based on our families’ social class or ethnicity. I know we all come from low income families that know nothing about college and who’s kids only grow up to learn that they must start working to help their families economically. EOP has helped me understand that I was meant to go to college and finish college with a college degree. They have helped me by providing me the right resources towards my success. In other words, they have provided me access towards advisers who I get to talk to and ask for help whenever I need it. Compared to my friends who only get to talk to their advisers once. Although, EOP came with many benefits I believe it was a hard process while applying just because I had a hard time finishing up the questions and keeping up with the deadlines. But the hardest thing I had to do was to talk about my personal life to others during the interview. I do admit that I was lucky for having that push of my Upward Bound counselors and tutors, they were the ones who sat me down and made me answer the…

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