Graduation Speech On Inadequate Performance As A Student Essay

756 Words May 17th, 2016 4 Pages
First and foremost I would like to apologize to the University for my inadequate performance as a student. These past semesters were a poor reflection of my character and my academic potential. Throughout the Fall semester there were many factors that led to my poor grades. As I reflected back over these past few months, I noticed I did not have a smooth transition into college life. This new environment allowed for more freedom to come-and-go as I pleased. But, with all of this new freedom came new responsibilities that I had not properly prepared myself for. One of the responsibilities that I struggled with was time management. I struggled with allotting the proper amount of time for all aspects of my life, let alone my studies. Another factor that I believe affected my grades was my rooming situation. I feel that there were many distractions whether in my room or the suite as a whole. The environment as a whole was not conducive to learning. Along with that, it was mot an environment that allowed me to live healthily. These distractions on top of my time management issues were a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, there was a loss I faced fall semester that has had lasting psychological effects on me. On October 15th, I had to face the loss of one of my best friends. Thomas Miloscia, less than a week before his 19th birthday, had lost his extended battle to cancer. His death was unexpected due to the fact that he was recovering from chemotherapy and was rid of the…

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