Graduation Speech : The For Students Essay

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The term procrastination means to avoid a task which needs to be accomplished.
For students, it involves usually to have a tendency to goof off by not being able to do any schoolwork before the deadline. Sometimes, students just like to waste the majority of their time just by watching tv, listen to music, and hanging out. What is another alternative for students so they won’t procrastinate? Will they be willing to get any work done? Here’s how we can find out why students procrastinate so much.Students get the feeling to procrastinate while doing a essay or studying for a test. Prior to preparing for one of each other, students feel that the assignment that they are doing is considered to be boring and too hard. They also cause fears of not being able to pass a class to graduate, trying to stay focused on top of things. They also lack of motivation, and not even focusing on where to start. Many procrastinators are prone to try to rebel and also try to make things perfect on what they are doing without failure. However, procrastinators are mostly the ones who wait until the last minute to do an essay.

I researched an article on Psychology Today saying that over 20 percent of people procrastinate by seeing or hearing things that distract them the most. That usually happens a lot naturally even when they perform under pressure. As far as we all know, we all procrastinate sometimes, even me, but it does not mean that it will affect us with our work. All…

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