Graduation Speech : Transfer Student Essay examples

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Transfer Student As a freshman developing choices were made to the challenges that I had to face that have shaped my life. My academic opportunities were endless learning, achieving my academic goals, and also contributing to thy self-creativity were the majority that formed my path. When I entered the engineering group in Early college high school as a freshman I was determined to be committed but unfortunately I transferred to Harlingen high school to finish high school and receive my diploma. Under the circumstances of getting sick and falling behind in school left me in doubt that I would finish school, but never the less I have idols like my older sister, my mom, and my older brother that have worked their hole entire life to be where they’re at this instant and never once doubted or gave up. Which is why with hope and my head screwed on right this one and last year of high school I finally have the determination to succeed even if it’s not perfect. Starting when I was in eighth grade I received a certificate of having the highest average of the entire school. I remember that day since it was yesterday when graduating and moving to become a freshman and before reeving my certificates that when the super attendant of Harlingen HCISD. I remember getting a nighty-seven or above on everything I ever did but to say that I did have my down falls which were mostly eighties but never the less that is how I was recommended to attend early college high school. My first day was…

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