Habits of the Heart Essay

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Habits of the Heart, a book written by Robert N. Bellah, Richard Madsen, William M. Sullivan, Ann Swidler, and Steven M. Tipton, introduce four traditions that contribute to making up a culture. The first tradition is the biblical tradition followed by the republican tradition , the utilitarian individualism and expressive individualism. All four of these traditions combine to make up the culture in which everyone in the world lives. My ideal culture would consist of 40% of the republican tradition, 30% of utilitarian individualism, 25% of expressive individualism, and 5% of the biblical tradition. I believe that if each of these traditions is given the proportions I listed above, the society will be able to grow and prosper …show more content…
Every society needs hard working people that become wealthy and prosperous because they are the people that expand society by building firms and creating businesses which in turn creates job for the working class. Although utilitarian individualism is a very self-centered tradition, my culture calls for a decent percentage so my culture has potential to flourish by working off of the wealthy.
Expressive individualism is an important tradition in my culture but in a smaller percentage than that of the republican and utilitarianism tradition. Expressive individualism deals with doing what each individual person views as successful instead of what a community considers successful. In my ideal culture I find it important for the individual to express their personal feelings and beliefs but to an extent in which I draw the line when it starts to offend others or create hostility within the community. Individualism is an important trait for each person to posses; without it everyone would be the same. My ideal culture demands structure which I feel can be destroyed by too much of the expressive individualism tradition.
The final tradition is the biblical tradition which can be described as living with those who have the same religious beliefs, celebrating with those who have the same religious beliefs, and being one large community that shares the same religious beliefs. This tradition does not

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