Health Habits On The Aging Body Essay

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Discuss the effects of three (3) health habits on the aging body. (Chapter 23) Once are best years are past us, we more than likely will experience the complications that goes along with the aging body. In reality, we should consider ourselves lucky to be able to experience the golden ages of life. However, there are some health habits one must adopt in order to enjoy the fruits of aging. Nutrition is very important during the later years of life, due to the fact that our bodies become less effiecent at breaking down food and using it for it nutrienal beneifits. By developing a balanced diet, an older person can alleviate the complications related to bad nutritional habits. Within the range of old age, many medicines can have a strong influence as to how certain nutrients are broken down in the body. For example, the daily intake of Asprins and other pain relievers can have an impact on the amount of vitimin C in needed daily. We must take into count all of this when assessing an elderly person’s nutritional needs. Along with nutrition, exercise is more essential at this point of life than ever before.
According to Sollitto, “with age, the body does take a little longer to repair itself, but moderate physical activity is good for people of all ages and of all ability levels. In fact, the benefits of your elderly parents exercising regularly far outweigh the risks. Even elderly people with chronic illnesses can exercise safely. Many medical conditions are improved with…

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