Helping You Get That Job Offer -- Despite A Criminal Conviction David Richardson

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Three Strategies to Help You Get That Job Offer--Despite a Criminal Conviction—David Richardson

If you have a police record, and you are looking for work, then you know your history gets in the way of job offers. It is frustrating and discouraging. A job is necessary for ex-offenders to overcome a regretted past, but unless employers give ex-offenders a chance for a job, then those ex-offenders attempting to make a good faith effort to re-enter society have no effective tool to show positive change in their lives. In fact, unemployment is a major factor that predicts recidivism among recent ex-offenders. Those who find employment statistically do much better in staying out of prison.

Therefore, you need some tools to help you deal with employer inquiries concerning your record of arrests and convictions. Of course, you need to know your skills and have examples handy to show how effectively you can use them. That’s a given. In addition, the following three things can help you make a more impressive performance during the job interview.
1. Learn to give a powerful and persuasive explanation of your conviction that helps employers to see that you have really changed your life for the better.
2. Know what hiring incentives already exist that you can take advantage of —incentives that you can mention during a job interview that might encourage employers to hire.
3. Prior to any interview, get involved in a volunteer activity that shows you are connected to positive…

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