Essay on High Demand For An Educated Student

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In today’s generation, some sort of secondary education is needed in just about every job type, whether it be through a four-year university or through apprenticeship. Because of the high demand for an educated worker, the government has begun to hand out loans to students in order to make a post secondary education more feasible. Although students are receiving more money from scholarships and grants than ever, this generation of students are also ending up more in debt than ever before. This is an effect to the shear volume of government money handed out: universities see that the government will pay for certain things for a student, so they have begun to charge more per student in order to take advantage of the free money.
Loans and grants seem beneficial, it gives students the ability to buy more things now, or otherwise known as increasing the students’ purchasing power. However, an increase in purchasing power is not always a great thing, in reality, it can lead to a decrease in actual spending. This theory is supported by Heritage in the remark “Over the past few decades, a vicious cycle has been perpetuated by federal education policy: The Department of Education increases subsidies for college, inflating students’ purchasing power, in turn allowing universities to raise tuition, which ultimately increases the demand for more government subsidies,” and the cycle begins again. Despite this, the government is proposing plans to increase the amount of grants given out.…

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