High Risk Of Substance Abuse Essay

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Young people and teens are at high risk of substance abuse because these substances are easily accessible especially at parties and because doing drugs in high school is often seen as "cool." Social workers work to prevent teens and other clients from developing an addiction and in order to help these young people a social worker must understand the biology behind these substances as addictions are biological. For example, alcohol abuse is prevalent among this group as teens have access to it at parties and even in their own homes. I would tell a client to avoid alcohol because alcoholism can lead to depression and as well as other conditions caused by liver damage. Also, those who are dependent upon the substance can suffer from withdrawal which "can involve nausea, sweating and shakiness." (p. 185). Another drug that is readily available to young people and is often considered a gateway drug is cannabis. Long-term cannabis use can lead to memory problems and an inability to focus. Short-term cannabis users also experience a lapse in judgment, difficulty with thinking and impaired body movement. Prescription medications are also a problem as young people have access to these through their parent 's prescriptions or through the misuse of their own prescriptions. For example, medications such as morphine and OxyContin are popular among teens as they are not illegal, however, the misuse of these prescriptions can lead to dependency and death. As stated, the…

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