Essay about Higher Education Academic Skills For Students

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This report identifies and justifies three important ‘core’ higher education academic skills which are essential to undergraduates. It recognises and evaluates my personal academic skills in order to aid my understanding into the key areas in which I am strong in and where I can improve upon. Academic skills are shown to associate with essential employability skills to which are crucially needed for employment and businesses in the tourism industry. It also includes a personal audit of my employability skills. To conclude, the report justifies that it is highly important for undergraduates to gain the core academic skills to assist them in graduating and as for employability skills it’s assessed and concluded that they’re greatly needed in order for a graduate to obtain a satisfying job in a specific and preferred industry; such as the tourism sector.
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Undergraduates are being educated to advance their knowledge and understating of a topic which they may wish to peruse a career in, they’re being given primary learning and resources to underpin the growth and development of academic skills, additionally supporting the achievement of a degree. University is also helping its students to prepare for employability through the provision of skills which will be required in ones chosen industry.
Academic Skills
Core Academic skills are greatly needed of undergraduates in order for them to successfully survive the pressures, workload, stress and expectations…

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