`` Homelessness Kills By Jan Gurley And Facts For College Students From The National Coalition For The Homeless

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Directed Self Placement In the articles, Homelessness Kills by Jan Gurley and Facts for College Students from the National Coalition for the Homeless they highlight the crucial issue of homelessness in San Francisco, as well as the nation. The fact of the matter, each of them state, is that simply ignoring the problem and not taking action toward the rising epidemic will only result in further damage to communities. Throughout both articles the authors emphasize the causes and the reasons as to why most people end up becoming homeless, as individuals and communities the focus should be on addressing the issues that lead up to homelessness as well as the public’s perception toward those already down that path. Preventing and addressing issues like domestic abuse and addiction that contribute to homelessness can greatly affect the growing rate, here Gurley explains the idea of slip towards the path homelessness when she conveys that, “Homelessness is an arc. People fall into living on the streets all the time”. Women who suffer from domestic abuse are usually forced to either stay in their relationships or live on the streets, while those with addictions to drugs or alcohol are often left without access to treatment services. If society were to think of these victims as people in need of assistance, there could be the possibility of ending their fall down the arc. Utilizing programs that help abused women leave their abusive relationships without resulting in them…

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