Essay on Homework Is Necessary For Students

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Homework is given to students as an extra learning utensil for outside of the classroom. Experts from New York Times are contemplating whether homework is fair because some students have an advantage due to parental support while others do not. Viewpoints range from those who believe homework is essential to those who believe it is a waste of time. Also, experts are not against parents involvement with students’ school work but rather they are questioning the extent of help. I believe homework is essential but there is a fine line between support and doing the work for the students. Homework can provide students with responsibility, a better learning of how to use the resources around them wisely, and a better knowledge of how well they know the information they’re learning in the classroom.
Viewpoints of the experts from New York Times are all centered around the issue of students receiving homework and whether or not it is fair. According to Martha Brockenbrough in “Support Your Kids By Letting Learning Happen” and Erika A. Patall in “Help Children Form Good Study Habits”, students should have homework and parents should allow them to make mistakes, its part of the learning process. They shouldn’t be there to do the homework but to teach good study habits. H. Richard Milner wrote the article “Not All Students Have Access to Homework Help” and claims that teachers should not assign homework at all. He says “Teachers and administrators should be mindful that not all…

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