Essay on How Diet And Eating Healthier Change The Obesity Problem

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Doing more exercise and eating healthier can change the obesity problem that young adults of this generation have. If people continue to eat unhealthy there could be permanently damaging to the body and that can lead to different diseases. Being obese can lead to having type 2 diabetes, a heart attack, heart disease, or stroke. If people decide to eat unhealthy and not care about the causes, it is their choice to decide whether these persons want to start eating healthy or stay the same and face the consequences of being overweight. Exercising can be a way to start getting in fit and people can start thinking about the way of eating healthier. This generation will be the first generation that will die of being overweight if people do not stop buying bad food and think about the causes. People of this generation have different types of food industries that sell unprocessed and unhealthy food and are making this generation become obese. To make a change in today 's generation people need to start changing the way of eating, start exercising and think of the future generation. Becoming obese started after the 70s when companies started making unprocessed food and started advertising it on television.Before the 70s kids would walk to school, did not have televisions, nor unprocessed foods, and they would play outside and be active. During the 80s about 16% of people were overweight. In 1916 the first fast food was made and had quick service, which attracted customers…

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