How Do College Students Obtain The Meals They Are Eating? Essay

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The study addresses two questions: How do college students obtain the meals they are eating? Why are they consuming this food? According to my results, I found that food being accessible, cheap, and a healthy option factors heavily into the way a college student plans their diet. College students are aware that they should be eating healthy, however they have little time and money that cannot be wasted towards food, so they look for meals that help them save on both, all while still being a somewhat healthy choice. Due to these factors, many students chose to rely on drinking water and eating sandwiches because these choice hit all the traits that the college students wanted. Both water and sandwiches were cheap to make, healthy choices, took little or no time to prepare, and were easily accessible.
In the study on food insecurity, by a group of academics from Oregon State University and researchers from the Health Department in Benton County Oregon, they found that food insecurity is an important problem that college students have to deal with. Furthermore, they believed additional systems that can distribute healthier foods to these students should be implemented. They conducted an intricate study, in which they gathered a variety of background information on each student through a series of surveys. The study also noted that most students, who made under $15,000 a year, were especially vulnerable to food insecurity. In their study food insecurity…

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