How Prescription Drug Abuse Affects Teens Essays

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How Prescription Drug Abuse Affects Teens In today’s society, many young teens recreationally use prescription drugs. According to the medical dictionary recreational drug use is a substance taken for nonmedical purposes ( Prescription drugs are a controlled substance prescribed by doctors to their patients who are experiencing internal or external pain or have a medical condition that requires them to take the meds. Statistics show that prescription drug abuse among 8th through 12th grade students has decreased over the years. Though this decrease was not a very drastic change it still gives hope that one day teens will not be abusing prescription pills. Have you ever stopped and wondered how these young teens are getting their hands on these drugs? If an 8th grade student has access to pain killers and stimulants, then shouldn’t they be monitored a lot closer? Shouldn’t doctors and pharmacists keep a record of who they prescribe these substances too and try to keep sure that they won’t be in the hands of minors? These drugs can negatively impact these kids and possibly ruin their lives. Not only will it change their lives, but it will affect their mind and personalities, but these drugs can kill these young adults. If our younger generation keeps loosing their lives because of prescription abuse, then its obviously an issue that has gone far too long with out being dealt with. According to the abuse of…

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