Essay about How Stress Is Impacting Students

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Stressed out High Schoolers
How Stress is Impacting Students ' Ability to Learn
High school students at one point in their life will experience some sort of mental and/or emotional stress. Stress could be induced from family issues, the demands of school life, or the results of friends, bullying, or dating. These stressful events hinder the student 's ability to learn. John Taylor Gatto, in his article “Against School”, points to several functions that the schools are to achieve, that have the potential to interfere with teaching moments. Schools are not doing enough to take care of their student 's emotional health during times of stress, inhibiting the student 's ability to learn.
Firstly, Gatto points to the integrating function which forces the students to become alike as much as possible, allowing teachers to be able to keep their classrooms in order. This is done to eliminate distractions from the students so the teacher can get through their lesson material. While the lessons are taught mostly unhindered from student disruptions in the class, many students are distracted and sabotaged by their own internal personal issues, hindering the learning potential. We must realize some students come from homes with possibly one parent not present, parents that are at each other 's throats every night or parents who seem not to even care about their own children 's welfare. Some students are bounced between parents or different school districts never knowing of stability, to…

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