How Technology Is Important For Students Essay

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Skilled readers are able to employ the cueing systems in order to make meaning of what they are reading. As readers, when we come across a word or sentence that we do not understand, if we grasp the concepts of the phonological, syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic systems, we will be able to successfully use our knowledge to uncover the meaning of the word and comprehend the task at hand, whether it be during reading, writing, speaking, or listening. Having a solid understanding of these cueing systems is very important for every reader, so it is necessary that teachers create opportunities for students to have meaningful instruction and interactions with each system.
The phonological system is associated with the sounds of written and spoken letters. The ability to understand that our words are made up of individual sounds is crucial when young readers are just learning how to read. This ability allows the young reader to easily decode words by breaking them down by sound. However, not all words in the English language are able to be decoded in this way, making the other three cueing systems especially important in order for the reader to make meaning of the words.
The teacher must incorporate learning tasks into their instruction that specifically focus on the phonological system. One aspect of the phonological system is for the student to be aware of phonemes, which involve the sounds of spoken words. An activity that can be done in the classroom to practice this skill…

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