How to Break the Bad Habit Essay

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How to break a bad habit

Topic sentence: Self motivation is to break a bad habit.

Supporting detail: • By creating the habit of self evaluation. • By obeying the rules of religion. • Encouraging others to not to tell lies.

To leave the habit of telling lies

Self willingness is the only way to leave the habit of telling lies. Because it is well known to all that only and only telling lies has made out society turmoiled and disrupted. So every body should develop a good habit of telling the truth. In order to fulfill our dream everybody should create his self evaluation. If self evaluation is developed no one can tell lies. That’s why self evaluation is badly needed. Another
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Choose a location or locations that comfort you and use them consistently. Find a place that calms you and has minimal distractions. This will help you study and concentrate much easier.

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Set study dates and times, try using the same time period every day. This will help you set goals and succeed. This means you will need to prioritize your time and limit other activities. Eventually it will become a effortless adjustment that will better your student skills.

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Friends can be helpful addition to studying, this will give you a different view. This is essential when studying difficult topics, together you will find ways to retain the knowledge.

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Take breaks every once in a while, don't study for long periods of time. When you get frustrated you should get up and do something else productive. Otherwise, you'll sit there frustrated and not learn anything because of how you feel. This also goes for when you are emotional, it becomes much harder to learn and store information.

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