I Am A Doctor For Medicine Essay

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Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by science and dedicated to serving others. While these passions could lead me down a multitude of different paths, I was always most attracted to medicine. However, when a physician that I shadowed in high school asked me why I aspired to be a doctor instead of designing children’s car seats, which would use science and help people, I could not articulate a response. Now, from my time spent volunteering in various health care settings and shadowing physicians, I understand what draws me to medicine so strongly. I have witnessed the unique and irreplaceable role that health care can have in a person’s life and this has confirmed my desire to pursue a career in medicine and given me insight into the type of physician I hope to be.
During my second year at UT, I volunteered weekly in the Ronald McDonald Family Room in the NICU at Dell Children’s Medical Center. Families would come to the room to rest, eat and decompress while they were spending long days and nights with their sick newborns in the NICU. As a volunteer, I oriented new families and fostered a comfortable and welcoming environment for them. I built a relationship with one family in particular as I spoke with them every Sunday afternoon while their son stayed in the NICU for several months. In conversations I had with them, I heard about how their son’s illness not only affected him but also numerous other aspects of the family as a whole. They voiced their frustrations…

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