I Am A Nurse Practitioner Essays

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When I first started college, I had the desire to become a Nurse. The desire didn’t necessary come from the heart, but it came from the thought of the paychecks and the fact that my Mum is a Nurse. During my first year of college, I took Psychology 101 and Sociology 101, which both took my interest. I loved learning about culture and wondering how our mind works. However, still thinking about Nursing, my Uncle said, “Why not become a Psychiatric nurse practitioner”. Therefore, with that in mind, I packed my bags and went down to Idaho State University to get my Masters in Nursing. Within a couple of months of my classes, I realized my heart wasn’t with Nursing. I started failing classes because they weren’t in my line of interest. I came back to Boise and started at Boise State. It was early on in my first semester when I was talking to some person about my studies, how I thought I wanted to do Nursing but I really liked Sociology and Psychology and he said, “Have you thought about Social Work?” I had told him “No, but I’ll look into it”. I looked up Social Work 101 and took it with my cousin and I loved it. I had finally found a class that I loved and I found my true passion.
The main message I got out of Social Work 101 is that the social work profession connects clients with resources, services, and opportunities to promote social welfare. I also learnt in class about the different clientele we would potentially work with. Such as, those of different religions, races,…

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