I Am A Shy Girl Essay example

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This is Me
As everyone has his or her ego ideal of his or her life, I have one, too; my ego ideal is to be an amicable person. Being an amicable person sounds like a simple plan for my life, but it is hard to be. I am a shy girl who is afraid to actively talk with other people. For example, every first day in new environment is my nightmare-I can say anything to others. I stood emotionless as I vacillated between taking the initiative to say hello or waiting for others’ greetings. Most of those new people would thought I am disagreeable from my poker face. Thus, I tried to figure out the way to push myself out of my own world and into social circumstances.
Since I was a kid, I have been a shy girl who has been afraid to talk. However, amicable person should has an instinctive feel for emotions feeling and good at communicate with others. My teacher thought I was a quiet girl when she was my homeroom teacher first year. However, she changed her mind when she saw my art painting which was full of crazy ideas. I used color to tell others truly about myself, instead of language. I make art because I am poor at showing my thinking with words, and I am afraid other people will misunderstand me when I talk gibberish. Once classmate spoke a cold joke, I answered her that joke is funny, which means good. But she was so angered by my words which she thought I was mocking with her talent of speaking cold joke. When my teacher discovered my ego ideal is being an amicable person, she…

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