Essay on I Am A Student Athlete

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Entering my sophomore year of college I now grasp the concept and understand what being a student athlete embodies. My freshman year, my grades were average and my time management was very poor. I didn’t prioritize things according to importance but rather what I wanted to do, so homework and sleep suffered tremendously. For most people, being a student athlete really means being an athlete first then a student. But what many people don’t understand is that being a good student now, will benefit them more in the future. Every coach that I have ever had emphasized grades and family first above anything else, then came the sport you love. A student athlete has to be committed, work hard and one must manage time. Commitment for many people is a hard thing, whether it is a diet, working out or staying on top of ones school work. I worked seven days a week this whole summer paying off my first year of college; I would wake up at 5 in the morning and work till 2:30 every afternoon. And 5 days of the 7, I would go run and train for the upcoming soccer season at Central Community College. I committed myself to the team and the school, and that means giving everything I have academically and physically. I came into the season one of the most fit and a week after training I received my scholarship for soccer, that shows committing to something is worth it in the end. The usual class load for a full time student is 12 credit hours, thats usually around 4 classes a week, but on top…

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