I Did Not Play Doctor Essay

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I did not play doctor when I was a child, neither had I grown up saying I would be one in the future, given that where I grew up that was not a possibility for me. I spent all my childhood in a poor neighborhood in Cuba, where the government pushed us down due to our religion. I could not dream of becoming a professional at all, so as a child, I was never asked the question: “What are you going to be when you grow up?” Consequently, when I was twelve my parents had the chance of bringing me to a country where I would have a future and took advantage of it without a doubt. At the beginning, we went through rough times, living in a terrible neighborhood for immigrants in Houston, where few people spoke Spanish, and gun shots went off every night. It was tough to communicate and to assimilate a different culture, thus after a challenging year, we decided to move to Miami. My parents sacrificed everything so that I could study, having multiple jobs at a time, and doing everything they could so that I have an opportunity to become a professional. Their sacrifice has been the fuel behind my success and my drive towards accomplishing my goals.
Even though adapting to an unfamiliar place and language was not simple for me, I decided that if my parents traveled to this country and worked arduously so I could have a meaningful future, I would not let them down. If I were somewhere else, I would not have the chance to seize my full potential, thus I feel grateful for the fortune I have…

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