I Got A For Student Loan Essay

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Hello Mr. Jaworski, Something popped up in my life, and I remembered how you were cool and spent some time going over my disastrous relationship with Met Life. This next story is even worse. Please read, and advice.

Back in '87 I got a $2,904.00 student loan. Truck driving school in Waco. Ended up a scam, and the school closed. I never graduated. Being pig-headed I refused to pay the loan when it became due, and instead decided they could take the money out of my tax refunds. That happened for years. Finally, in the year 2000, after three years of being successful in the mortgage business, I made so much money that my student loan was paid off, and I started getting a refund again. Was on my credit report it was paid off.

Jump ahead a few years later and the U.S. Dept Of Justice - Kyle Law Group from here in Houston buys up some aged debt including my student loan showing that at that time, it wasn 't paid off yet. So they came after me. Nasty people. Threatening letters. I told them my student loan was paid off. Same story I just told you. They said it didn 't matter what I said because of what their paperwork said. That I owed the loan and interest. At first, I got a lawyer to get them temporarily off my back. Then they started up again. Would come to my house, knocking on my door. Finally I agreed to give them 50.00 a month...something like that...and did that for a while just to get them off my back. They threatened a lien on the house that I owned at the time. My…

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