I Really Enjoyed This Class This Semester Essay

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I really enjoyed this class this semester. At first I thought I would have to end up dropping the class. I figured it would be too much for me to keep up this semester. Something told me to stick it out and that it would get better, so I stayed. I am glad I stayed because I learned a lot. If one of my peers would ask me about a class they should take for their teaching benefits, I would recommend this class to them. Beforehand I would warn them about the work, but by the time I finish stating what it did for me they’ll agree to take the class! I enjoyed the challenges that I faced including the long nights. In the beginning I had a hard time with keeping up with the reading logs. I missed so many and they all caught up to me. Never did I intend to miss the amount that I did, but that’s what happens when you’re not paying attention and keeping up in class. This class has equipped me for the teaching world. Everything that was learned will be applied to my future teaching career.
I believe that teaching is an important and noble profession. Next to parents, teachers are the most important people in our society. Everything important begins in childhood, especially knowledge, self-knowledge, flexibility, and character. The right preparation is important to living a full, rewarding life. Without self-knowledge, children may follow wrong paths and end up far from what they are here to pursue; lost, sad, and unpleased. Without flexibility, the storms and challenges of life…

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