Essay on If A Student Misses An Exam

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1) If a student misses an exam due to an unexcused absence he/she will be granted the opportunity to make-up one missed regular exam. In order to complete to the process of making-up the exam the student must notify the instructor to know which day during a class meeting they can take the exam. The make-up exam will be inclusively based on the subjects from the previous four exams.
2) In a situation where a student is not satisfied with the readers’ proofreading of their assignment, the student may inquire for the instructor to overview the assignment himself.
3) Students will not have the opportunity to earn extra credit in this class.
4) In a case where a student has two or more unexcused absences, had their cellular device out during a class session, and has been tardy three times then that particular student has 4 ½ absences in total. This is due to the fact that being tardy is counted as half an absence and having a electronic device out in class is counted as a one whole absence. When referencing back to the ninth week policy this student will be dropped from the class but reinstatement is obtainable.
5) According to FCC policy, a student who believes his/her rights are being infringed on may file a student grievance form and propose it to the Office of the Vice President of Student Services Office (Student Service Building, Room 224).
6) If a particular student earns 562 points in the class and acquired an average of 67% on their exams then that student has…

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