Essay on Improving My Job As A Student

1005 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
This semester has been a very informative time period due to the many different strategies that we have learned and practiced in our academic journey. I believe the most significant strategies that I demonstrated were utilizing short-term goals by making them clear and specific enough to complete them, creating a schedule to manage my time so tasks could be completed, and lastly exam preparation to see optimum results. I indicated that I needed to work on these strategies because I needed to improve on my job as a student. I believe I had the necessary skills to show optimum results in my academic journey but I did not always showcase these skills. Implementing these strategies have improved how productive I am with my time, the amount of time it takes me to complete and start assignments, and has also improved how I prepare for examinations. Continuing to utilize these skills will allow me to present my capabilities and receive satisfying results. Prior to this course, I did not set short-term goals for myself as I did in this course. My short-term goals were more so of a checklist. This checklist was not always completed either. It was more so something that I could look at and get a better understanding of what needed to be completed. When creating this checklist I would write down a whole bunch of stuff that I needed to do and then get overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to do. This then led me to procrastinate all of my tasks because starting it made me feel like…

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