Improving The Achievement Of Hispanic Students Essay

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Improving the Achievement of Hispanic Students
In today’s American school systems, Hispanics are among the most at-risk in the student population. They are less likely to finish high school and even fewer go on to enroll in college, let alone graduate from a higher education program. The number of Hispanic students is constantly growing, especially in urban schools, and most of those schools are desperately trying to create programs and systems to help accommodate the large number of English language learners. Those students’ scores are drastically lower than English speaking students. A study by the National Center for Education Statistics found that three out of four 8th graders are not able to pass a simple math test that includes fractions or decimals. Their SAT scores are far below average as well. Hispanic children face many problems outside of school as well but quite often those issues are ignored and not taken into account during research and studies conducted on “effective schooling” even though those factors greatly affect their in-school performance.
Lucas, Henze, and Donato, researchers who visited six urban secondary schools that were mostly Hispanic, found six actions that the teachers and other staff members did that significantly improved the success of the Hispanic students. These observations are not only what those schools believed in, but are also suggestions for other schools for how to reach their English language learners. At the top of the…

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