Institutional Abuse And Native Youth Essay

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Institutional Abuse and Native Youth
The Abused Person
Christopher Smirnios Jessica Andrade and Pinky Matheson
Mohawk College
October 20th 2014

Throughout history every country has made actions that when we compare them to todays ethics and societal standards we begin to question how these things could have happen. Canada is no exception to these actions; if not one of the largest perpetrators of a systematic genocide and cultural defamation. In order to understand these actions we must first create context by using proper terminology. Institutional abuse is best defined as, “... the mistreatment of people brought about by poor or inadequate care or support, or systematic poor practice that affects the whole care setting. It occurs when the individual 's wishes and needs are sacrificed for the smooth running of a group, service or organisation.” (Harrow, 2014). Key things to keep in mind is the care and support aspect for this paper.

Canadian history is painted with various forms of abuse. Our treatment towards Chinese immigrants during the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, the treatment towards Italian immigrants during WWI and the ill treatment towards the Koreans during WW II. None of these can be compared as each of these actions sanctioned and encouraged by our government are all unethical and disheartening. Though these scars will never heal for the families affected by the actions, one group within our society has been mistreated prior…

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