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Beingpreparedis half the battle. resolution flnd a to at on lf you are one ofthose executive typesunhappy your presentpostand embarking a NewYear's to that of new one, here's helpinghand.Thejob interviewis considered be the mostcriticalaspect everyexpedition a you face-tofor as Onemust prepare it with the sametenacityand quickness one does brings facewith the future boss. for a fencine tournamentor a chess match.

1. Te! ll me about yourself. question an interview, extracareful in be that you don't run off at the mouth.Keepyour Since this is often the opening years, education, work history, and recentcareer to four tqpics:early answer a minuteor two at most.Cover Don'twasteyour best Emphasize lastsubject. Remember that this is
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the orga lf nization stresses reverence numbers. for financial controls, vour answershouldmentiona m research, nd you a lf you feel that you haveto concoct answerto this question if, for exa ple,the company stresses an you-then you probably feelthat you shouldmentionit eventhoughit reallydoesn'tinterest shouldnot be takingthat you ringa job with that organization. interview, because probably shouldn'tbe conside! pl s Y o u rh o m e w o r k h o u l dn c l u d ee a r n i n e n o u g h b o u tt h e c o m p a n t o a v o i d p p r o a c h i n g a c e w h e r ey o uw o u l d n ' t e s i l g a y a b able-or wouldn'twant- to function.Since mostof us are poor liars,it's difficultto con anyonein an interview. evenif But you shouldsucceed it, your prizeis a job you don't reallywant. at

4. What canyou do for usthat someone elsecan't?

Hereyou haveeveryright,and perhaps obligation, toot your own horn and be a bit egotistical. aboutyour to an Talk recordof gettingthingsdone,and mentionspecifics from your resume list of careeraccomplishments. that your or Say skills and interests, makeyou valuable. combined with this historyof gettingresults, Mentionyour abilityto set priorities, identifyproblems, and to and

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