Interview Letter : New Life 's Nursing Home Administrator Assistant

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The following conversation is between Nancy Bell, New Life’s Nursing Home Administrator, and Sarah Clark, New Life’s HR Recruiter. The conversation takes places at Nancy’s office.
- Sarah: good morning Nancy! I saw your email saying that you wanted to meet me
- Nancy: Hi Sarah! It so good to see you! I am glad you showed up this fast, we have run into a big problem
- Sarah: Oh no! Just tell me how I can help and I will do my best
- Nancy: I love your attitude, that’s why I called you! … So, as you may know, Elizabeth, our Nursing Home Administrator Assistant got a new job and she will be leaving us in two weeks. She is wonderful. She is talented, outspoken, and always gets everything done. It will be so hard to replace her, I don’t know what to do.
- Sarah: Yes, it will be hard to replace her, but if you can give me more information about the type of leader you are and what motivates your employees, I might be able to find a qualified pool of candidates that you would like.
- Nancy: well, I know how I am, and I try to pay attention to what my employees like, but I am not really sure how to describe it … Honestly, I have no idea as to what type of leader I am other than just being myself
- Sarah: I see. Well, over the years, several theories have been developed around motivation and leadership. Although they are all slightly different from one another, they all help us better understand what motivate us to reach our full potentials.
- Nancy: that sounds great! I need to…

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