Interview Questions-Nurse Manager Essay

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Nurse Manager Interview Questions
This is a highly time sensitive search, so your timely response to this questionnaire is appreciated. Keep in mind that your answers will be evaluated for content as well as for style of communication. 1. Give an example of a care delivery challenge in your current position and describe what you did to address it? What were the results of your efforts? All of the patients on my unit in my former position were in the beginning and mid stages of Alzheimer’s with one or two very alert ones. The challenge was keeping the more alert residents from rapid mental decline. The key in maintaining the resident’s dignity is providing an environment where they can participate in their level of care,
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She is currently living in an apartment on AL. She frequently gets lost in the community, and has difficulty locating her apartment and seat in the dining room. She often leaves before her entrée is served.
So far, meetings with her daughter have been unsuccessful in getting her to accept her mother’s cognitive changes. She has been losing weight and the caregivers report more frequent incontinent episodes. She needs reminders to bathe and change her clothes. Last evening she fell in the hallway. She had left her walker outside the dining room and was heading back to her apartment. * What is the follow up you would do as the nurse manager after this fall? * Full assessment of resident for injuries, notify the physician of her increasing confusion, medication regimen, fill out an incident report, contact Mrs. Johnson daughter to notify her of her mother’s mental decline and any new orders. Her care plan will have to be adjusted to reflect her care needs. For example her diet/food intake % will have to be evaluated to assist in determining why she is losing weight. Her weight will have to be monitored as well as placing her on an incontinent program. * * What are your observations of Mrs. Johnson at this time that you feel may have contributed to her fall? A number of factors may have contributed to Mrs. Johnson fall, confusion, unsteady gait, medical condition

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