Intimate Partner Violence And Sexual Abuse Essay

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According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), twenty-four people per minute are affected be intimate partner violence. (2013) It is estimated that twelve million people in the United States alone are affected each year. Intimate partner violence includes anything from physical or sexual abuse to psychological abuse to stalking or threats by a current or former partner. This form of violence can occur among couples that identify with any sexual orientation. The CDC reports that individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual are at an equal or higher risk for intimate partner violence. (2013) While sexual intimacy within the relationship is not a requirement for violence to be considered intimate partner violence, it is often correlated with such a relationship. (CDC, 2013) The statistics regarding intimate partner violence are staggering. The United States Department of Justice reports that women are more likely to be victims of nonfatal intimate partner violence. (Catalano, 2006) Reports estimate that two million women are victims of physical abuse each year. That number does not include any other form of intimate partner violence. (Connelly, et al. 2006) Intimate partner violence results in fatalities in thirty percent of all female homicides. (Catalano, 2006) For males, the percentage goes down to five percent. Women, ages twenty to thirty-four, who are married but separated, are at the highest risk for intimate partner violence. Nonfatal intimate partner…

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