Is College A Doctor? Essay

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Something I have always enjoyed doing is helping people. I love the feeling that it gives me and the thought that I have just helped better someone’s life. Now as a young boy, I was often asked, what are you going to be? I never realized it then, but I have realized it now, my father. He is the reason why I want to do what I want to do, which is to become a doctor. It seems like every week I hear someone, whether it’s at a store or at the YMCA, say you 're the doctor 's son, and I listen to them express their deepest gratitude of my father. As his son, I have never felt prouder of him. He truly cares for his patients as if they were his own family, and I hope that I can become the doctor and the person that he is.
College is the next part of my goal in becoming a doctor, and I can’t wait to start college this fall. College is something that has always intrigued me. The people I will meet, the relationships I will establish, and the things I will learn has excited me in starting this next stage of life. But I also realize how college can be a scary thing. Something that I have struggled with is essentially what I’m excited for in college: meeting new people. I love meeting people and making friends, but the process of making friends scares me. Nevertheless, I have done multitudes of things to help counteract this problem such as getting a job, volunteering at my local church, and joining student council. Doing those tasks has helped me overcome this obstacle and helped get…

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