Is Grading The Good For Students? Essay

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Is Grading F’s Good for Students?

Education has been considered as one of the important and necessary factors for human being for so long. Parents, teachers, principals, or school boards always concern the educational system and try to make better condition for students. Most of people are agree with the current academic system; however, some people strongly argue that some system is wrong such as grade inflation and disturb the improvement of the educational system.

In the article “What Our Education System Need Is More F’s,” by Carl Singleton, the author started his article by pointing out the problem of the current education system of America. He argued that many professors tend to over-mark their students’ grades while some of the students are ineligible for ‘pass.’ Singleton suggested giving F’s to students is more important for educational system rather than investing more money in school or providing better teaching. According to his argument, low-quality teaching has become widespread these days because of low-quality teachers who didn’t understand the require materials completely in their classroom. He asserted the quality of education will not be improved unless teachers give F’s to students who need certain time to understand all of the materials; providing higher salaries or making complex procedures of certification won’t be much help.
Singleton spoke the problem is that the school system has ignored those students who unearned grades over 2 decades; they…

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