Essay on Is Poverty Inter Generational?

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Is poverty inter-generational? Is an adult education attainable; furthermore can single undereducated parent provide that path for a child’s belief that education is a first-class ticket out of poverty? Thinking about myself in every angle I have grown to understand the changing behaviors attained through beliefs, values, cultural alliance, and the circumstances which mutually have influenced my outward actions. My life has known its share of hardships, but good parenting as an anchor has molded my sociological ever-changing portrait for the need to succeed. Consequently, an outcome to either societal bounds or deviant perspectives of unfavorable statistic of a female-headed household has not shaken my belief that poverty should not be an obstacle. In this societal-oriented self-assessment I found a deeper appreciation in my leadership role as female single parent, despite not fitting a society’s typical nuclear model, but I am not alone. According to the U.S. Census Bureau; in 1970, 40 percent of households were married couples with children. Such households made up just 19 percent of homes in 2013 (Babay & U.S. Census Bureau, 2013). My approaches in overcoming social stigma through accidental or premeditated self-reliance are attributes that are continually refined toward family structure, human capital, work ethics and an educational mind-set.
I learned at an early age to aspire for something different or make a difference. Classification of ill-founded logic, moral code…

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