Jennifer Childs Essay

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Executive Summary 3
Introduction 3
Problems and Causes 4 Question 1 4 Question 2: 5 Question 3: 6
Conclusions: 8
Prioritised Recommendations 8
Final Recommendations (General Lessons Learnt) 8


The mandate of Syndicate study group Joburg South is to analyse this case study about a Midsize pharmaceutical company under the leadership of Jennifer Childs (Owner and CEO). The company has sales offices or manufacturing plants in eight countries.

At the October staff meeting the CEO asked three manager to develop a prioritized list of potential projects and to meet with her to sell on their ideas. According to the CEO company profits for the year are expected to be more than 2m$ more than
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Jennifer Child’s RFP could further be elaborated by including the below aspects. It is recommended that as much of this information be included to ensure a comprehensive RFP:

- The project objectives/purpose; - Statement of Work (SOW); - Customer Requirements; - Deliverables; - Acceptance Criteria; - Customer-supplied items; - State the approvals required by the customer; - The type of contract the customer intends to use; - The payment terms the customer intends to use - Required schedule; - Instructions for Format and content of proposal; - Due dates of submissions; and - Evaluation criteria.

By including this information that enables the functional managers and their respective project teams to understand the exact needs and expectations and respond appropriately with intelligent proposals that are aligned to those needs.

Question 2:

Regarding the business case, which precedes the programme proposal, what should the order of priority for implementing the projects in the portfolio be in order to maximise the strategic organisational benefits? In your business case discussion, also indicate how you would handle Joe Sanchez’s request to increase the sales force. (Remember that the strategic organisational objectives that Jennifer has set are to decrease costs and increase sales. In your business case discussion you must motivate how Jennifer’s strategic organisational

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