Job Requirements Of An Emergency Medical First Responder Essay

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Paid Employment #1
Supervisor, pharmaceutical recruiter
As a team leader of scientific recruiters, I was able to utilize my leadership skills and recieved exposure to the job requirements of various clinical professionals. I led a team of recruiters and offered conceptual knowledge of the terminology used in clinical environments. The companies which I staffed for included: Novartis, Biogen, Bayer, Abbott, and Exedra. I learned a great deal about the job requirements of many types of professionals, as well as, what it takes to bring a specific drug to market. This experience utilized my leadership skills, broadened my knowledge of drug development, clinical duties, and medications which I may use for my future career in medicine.
Honors / Awards / Recognitions & Certifications #1
Certification, Emergency Medical First Responder
Through this medical first repsonders course, I was certified as an emergency medical first responder. The course covered all of the essentials of emergency care and treatment of the sick and injured. The course was taught by paramedics and covered didactic and practical skills for CPR, basic first aid, AED, and more. Topics included: assessment of medical and trauma patients, CPR, AED, oxygen and administration, vital signs, treatment of shock, emergency childbirth, bloodborne pathogens, and assisting paramedics in the field. Information that I received from this course, like most of…

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