Essay on Knowledge Of Students Diverse Learning

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Knowledge of Students Varied Approaches to Learning: Students in the class are mostly social, auditory, and visual (spatial) learners. The students do well when the teacher goes through the book or lesson with the whole class. The students need a variety of examples and cues for comprehension. Writing examples on the board as well as prepared visuals put on the board help the visual learners. Group work and games help many of the students in the class understand the content. These students do well with learning a new concept when there is a hands-on activity preferably one that involves small groups. The students need ways to manipulate objects to understand concepts due to these students being in the latter part of the concrete operational stage of development. Students in this stage are logical thinkers and have a difficult time seeing things in the abstract sense. Some of the students are apt to raise their hands before other students, therefore using a Popsicle stick technique is beneficial to get whole class participation.
Effect on learning
The effect of learning with different learning styles changes instruction. Often, differentiating instruction is vital. Allowing for a variety of activities has a better effect on the overall learning of the class. The teacher has to be able to ask questions and give cues to students as that are needed with automaticity. The classroom needs to include visual displays and possibly an area to display student work. For example, the…

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