Learning Theories Of Teaching Students Essay

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I find myself agreeing to more than one learning theory when it comes to teaching students, for I believe every student is unique and will learn through different strategies. Some students may need reinforcements to stay focused or to perform acceptable behaviors. Other students may not need reinforcements but require social interactions instead. These students need the opportunities that social interactions provide them to learn acceptable behaviors and skills. Then, there are still more students who may need to experience both reinforcements and social interactions to learn. Therefore, I am a supporter of Behaviorism, Social Learning Theory, and Social Constructivism, respectively. I believe teaching students is only effective when teachers provide direct instructions, allow the students to collaborate on learning content area, and encourage students to construct their own knowledge.
According to Bandura (1977), students learn through observations and sensorial experiences, which mean I cannot lecture and expect my students to learn the materials. I will need to provide opportunities for my students to explore, to model, to represent, and to construct their knowledge through experiential activities in content area. As a result, some teaching strategies that I will use in my classroom come from all three learning theories. I believe when I combine them and implement appropriately in my classroom, I can effectively impact my students’ learning. Some teaching strategies that…

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