Lewis Katz School Of Medicine Essay

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What is the nature of your special interest in the Lewis Katz School of Medicine?

Lewis Katz School of Medicine graduates humanistic physicians and emphasizes the caring of human beings. I believe that patient interaction is as a vital part of being a physician as medical knowledge.At Lewis Katz, each student belongs to one of the seven Doctoring colleges. Through the Doctoring colleges, I will start learning and practicing critical clinical skills as early as my first year. Being with the same group of students and faculty over the next two years, I will not only learn to work with others but also form meaningful relationships with faculty members. Lewis Katz is well known for its diversity and inclusion. Since its founding, it has been co-educational, graduating its first woman physicians as early as 1906. It trains its students to be culturally competent and ready to serve diverse patient populations. It also has a great connection with its surrounding communities. Located in North Philadelphia, Temple University Hospital (TUH) tries to meet the health needs of a vulnerable and economically stressed population, oftentimes providing low cost or even free medical care. The School of Medicine encourages its students to service under-served populations and work to improve health equity. I would love to be part of the new The TEACH and CARE student-run clinic which offers primary care to the community from 5 to 8 PM. Not only will I gain valuable clinical…

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