Life Without Eating The Avocado Seed Essay

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When it comes to avocado, most people think about peeling the skin and enjoying the fruit inside. Whether it 's sliced and diced to go inside a salad or mashed up to get devoured as guacamole, the flesh of the avocado is typically what most people enjoy. So, it 's understandable why many eyebrows raise at the thought of eating the avocado seed. However, the avocado seed has a surprisingly large amount of benefits. After learning what the avocado seed benefits are, it will be difficult to imagine life without eating the entire avocado (seed included). If you 're hesitant, check out some of these fantastic benefits that will remove your doubts.

1. Cancer-Fighting Properties
Apoptosis is defined as the death of cells during a process of an organism 's growth or development. If you or a loved one know about cancer on a personal level, it 's clear that cancer cells grow quickly and wildly. This is why many doctors recommend chemotherapy to stop the rapid duplication of cancer cells in their tracks. When an ingredient or element of food is pro=apoptotic, this means it will support that same process of killing the cells. The seed of an avocado is in that group of foods that can support the death of cancer cells.

2. Fat-Blaster
Do you spend a lot of hours in the gym and still struggle to lose weight? Or do you find yourself reaching for the chocolate chip cookies instead of an apple? Well, in either case, avocado seeds are great for both dilemnas. When it comes to weight loss,…

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