Maintaining Adult Attachment And Emotional Abuse Essay

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Those individuals expressing avoidance attachment have an avoidant attachment style involving fear of intimacy an exaggerated sense of self-reliance and independence. Those individuals who are securely attached tend to express optimism and a positive view of the self (Sroufe, 2005). Secure adult attachment is associated with positive psychosocial adjustment while insecure adult attachment is correlated with anxiety symptoms and depression. Those individuals with avoidant and anxious attachment are linked to displaying depressive symptoms. Multiple research studies indicate both anxious and avoidant attachment are correlate with severe anxiety.
Generational Trauma
Generational trauma is considered a secondary form of trauma resulting from the intergenerational transfer of traumatic experiences from one generation to the next (Doucet and Rovers, 2010). Unresolved trauma or attachment failure in one generation can effectively transmit to later generations. This type of transmission happens when there has been neglect, physical, or emotional abuse. In some cases, the effects of various kinds of trauma such as parental physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and addiction (Doucet and Rovers, 2010).
Parental Physical Abuse
Adults who were physically abused when they were young, often develop into parents who engage in some form of abuse with their own children. Physical abuse in childhood is often carried out under the pretext of discipline. This…

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