Marijuana Is A Misunderstood Substance Essay

1927 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
Marijuana is a misunderstood substance. Many believe the usage of weed, hemp, or cannabis is a dangerous choice, but it 's the total opposite. So why is the legalization of marijuana in Arkansas such a problem? Both Colorado and Oregon are two states in America who have legalized marijuana. The crime rate has gone down; however, finances have gone up for both Colorado and Oregon. So I ask again, why don 't we legalize marijuana in the state of Arkansas for medical use, economical use, and recreational use?
In the first place, Arkansas should legalize the usage of medical marijuana because researchers have proven that it helps cancer patients. Cancer is an awful disease that destroys families and kills those who have it, the majority of the time. The type of cancer will decide what rules doctors will have to take and how aggressive they need to be for them to get rid of cancer either temporarily or permanently. Cancer patients feel sick and have body aches because of the chemo and radiation. Though there are several Americans today, who are biased about legalizing marijuana in the state of Arkansas, what they don 't know about weed is that it helps cancer patients. Cannabis helps cancer patients to be able to eat food and not lose an abundance amount of weight due to the use chemo and/or radiation, and it helps with nausea, helping the patients to be able to eat. The weed is not what cures that patients ' pain, but it has taken the pain away temporarily;…

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